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Women Labor

Article 28

The following cases shall be exempt from the prohibition of women labor at night :

a – When work in the firm ceases by a force majeure .

b – Work in administrative and technical position .

c – Work in health services and other jobs determined by virtue of a decision issued by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs should the working woman not normally practice a manual work .

Article 30

The female worker shall be entitled to a maternity leave with full payment of the wage thereof , and such for a period of forty five days that include the pre – and postnatal periods , provided that the continuous service period for the employer is of one year at least . The maternity leave shall be granted with half a wage should the worker not have completed the aforementioned period .

Upon the end of the maternity leave , the worker may remain absent from work without pay for a period of one hundred consecutive or non – consecutive days at most should such absence be caused by an illness hindering her from returning to work . Such illness shall be established by means of a medical certificate issued by the medical entity appointed by the competent health authority or ratified by such authority stating that such illness arises from the pregnancy or the delivery .

The leave referred to in the preceding paragraphs shall not be deducted from other leaves .

Article 31

During the period of eighteen months subsequent to the date of delivery , the nursing worker shall be entitled , in addition to the determined rest period , to a two additional periods per day for such purpose , the duration of each thereof not exceeding half an hour .

Such additional periods shall be deemed as part of the working hours and do not entail any deduction of the wage .

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