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Contract Staffing Services

Flexible employment Solutions for Your Business Needs

We provide a flexible approach to workforce management, enabling businesses to access specialized talent on a temporary or project basis. We understand that in today’s dynamic business environment, adaptability is key, and that’s where we come in.

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Host & Hostess

We provide professional hostess and hosts for business and private events.

Promoter & B2B, B2C Sales

We have experienced promoters in various industries from FMCG to IT.


Our candidates are experienced in live speech, audio recordings, or written documents translations from more then 70 languages.

Musicians, Dancers & Entertainers

Organize a great performance on your event with our experienced entertainers.

Photographer, Videographer & Models

If you are looking for professionals in fashion industry we will be more then happy to assist you. Our database includes 1000+ part time models, photographers and videographers.

Chef & Cook

RMC Chef & Cook part-timers have experience both in the restaurants and private kitchens.


Temporary Staffing

Need to cover short-term gaps or seasonal surges in workload? Our temporary staffing solutions ensure you have qualified professionals ready to step in, allowing your business to maintain productivity without the long-term commitments.

Project-Based Staffing

For specialized projects with unique skill requirements, our project-based staffing connects you with experts in various fields. We ensure you have the right talent to complete your projects successfully.

Interim Management

When you need experienced leaders to guide your organization during transitions or challenging periods, our interim management service provides top-level executives and managers who can step in and provide strategic leadership.

Flexible Workforce

We offer a roster of skilled professionals who are ready to join your team temporarily or for specific tasks, helping you adapt to changing needs while staying efficient and cost-effective.


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01 Consultation

We begin the process by understanding your staffing needs, project goals and deadlines.

02  Candidates Sourcing 

Using our network we are identifying best-matching candidates for your project needs.

03 Screening and Interviews

Our screening process ensures the best matched candidates selection. 

04  Placement

Our team handles onboarding process, contracts and ensures candidate’s smooth integration in your team.

05 Ongoing Support

We maintain regular contact with you and support you in any concerns that may appear.

06  Off-boarding

We are providing off-boarding assistance both for your company and contractor to ensure smooth transition.