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General Questions

If you see a position posted that you are interested in:

  1. Look through the Job Openings.
  2. When you see a position you would like to apply for, fill out our Upload Resume form or just send us an email with your resume to
If you have not seen a position posted but would like to be considered for upcoming positions:
Fill out our Upload Resume form.
Where can I get more assistance? 
Please contact RMC Customer Service Center at with any questions about the website. Please include the name, URL, and description of the website.

Appointments are set up when you speak with one of our search or staffing consultants. We do not accept walk-ins; all of our interviews are scheduled in advance.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every resume we receive. You will receive a call from one of our search or staffing consultants if we have a position for which you qualify.

No. Recruits Management Consultancy for recruiting, staffing, and placement services are free for the job seeker.

RMC is an excellent resource for your job search. We have well-established long-standing relationships with many of the most prestigious and successful organizations.

When a job is filled, it is removed from our website. For the most updated and accurate listing of available positions, please search our job listings. Jobs listed, however, are only a portion of those that we have available, so if you have qualifications in one of the specialties we service and don’t see a position that’s right for you, please Contact Us to learn more.

Your resume describes your qualifications and what makes you unique. To stand out among other applicants, you need a resume that markets your strengths and matches the job.

Highlight your best points with these resume writing methods.

It’s easy to create a resume that looks like everyone else’s. But to win that interview, you need to go beyond the standard approach. Here are four strategies that will get your resume noticed:

  • Sell yourself and your brand
  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Highlight your accomplishments
  • Applicant tracking systems
The research will help you target your resume more precisely.

An important first step in creating your resume is gathering information. Some facts will be easy to find, like companies you’ve worked for or training you’ve taken. This is a great way to start, especially if you tend to procrastinate! But for a really sharp resume, you need to dig deeper.
Be clear on exactly what you are going for; what’s your goal?
The key to a great resume is knowing what you’re trying to achieve. One of the biggest complaints employers have about resumes—and one of the main reasons resumes fail—is lack of focus. To write a great resume, you need a clear set of goals:
Manage where your resume goes for an effective job search.(Market your Resume)

You’ve invested time and effort to create a great resume. The next step is to get it into the hands of people who can hire you, or influence hiring decisions.

Market your resume at different stages of your search:

  1. Write effective cover letters
  2. Network your resume
  3. Distribute your resume at job fairs
  4. Post your resume wisely

At different points in your job search, you may contact employers directly, make connections through networking, or search electronically for opportunities.

What’s the purpose of the resume you’re preparing?

Is it to attract employers who may have opportunities, or are you applying for a specific, advertised position?

What’s your current career objective?

Are you in a field that you enjoy, or are you looking to change careers?

What’s the next logical step in your career?

What kind of company or organization do you want to work for?

Where are the employers in your field, and how much do you know about them?

What do you want to achieve in your work?

Are you looking for greater responsibility?


More meaningful work?

What’s most important to you?

Your local RMC recruiter is here to learn your skills and experience and find the perfect career match for you. Whether you’re an accounting or technology guru looking for your next project, a seasoned professional looking toward the C-suite or an administrative professional getting back into the workforce, we’re here for you. We’ll look at your resume, get to know your strengths, your workplace and industry preferences and you as a person. Our recruiting services are always provided gratis to candidates.

Your local RMC representative is here to understand your needs, get to know your workplace and culture and then quickly and effectively provide the custom solutions needed. Give your local office a call today or email us at