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Should You Be Looking for a Job Right Now?

As we deal with an economy that seems to get more challenging every day, the question on many job seekers minds is a fairly simple one: is this the right time to search, and apply for a job?

The answer, unequivocally, is yes.

Under the surface of the unemployment spike are some reasons for hope. Companies are restructuring, and those who have been slow to adopt remote work and virtual marketplaces, are being forced to embrace them quickly. This will produce opportunities both now and in the future. Remote workers, virtual meetings, electronic signatures on contracts, and online purchasing are now a necessity, and quite honestly, are more cost effective and productive solutions. This means that while some jobs are disappearing, others are created.

While it may take some time for numbers to level out, here are some reasons to start looking for a job right now:

Companies are hiring right now (much more than you may think)

Companies are adapting quickly to this new normal, and in doing so need to hire hundreds, if not thousands, of new employees to work both remotely and in their physical locations. This doesn’t just mean people in customer service, but also people behind-the-scenes working in tech, human resources, and content creation. As things slowly start to reopen, you will start to see more opportunities appear.

Applying now may pay off later.

While companies may only need to hire for a handful of positions now, they will need to ramp up hiring in the coming months as demand increases. Hiring Managers are forward thinking, and with the knowledge that hiring will start to ramp up shortly, they will be keeping a keen eye on talented candidates. Planning for this increase will save companies time and money so apply now, make yourself visible and available today. Jobs will come back, and if you wait to apply until they do, it will prolong your stay at home.

Hiring from within will continue unabated, so get your foot in the door.

Open job searches can be expensive, and with budgets slashed and onboarding times at a premium, you can expect companies to continue to hire from within as much as possible. What does this mean for job seekers now? It is a great time to get your foot in the door with a target company or try a new field. As restructuring continues, temp-jobs will become permanent, and new jobs will emerge. When companies need to fill these open jobs, they will start by looking from within.

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