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Grade 12 students to get certificates only after completing summer course, taking EmSAT tests: UAE ministry

The ministry called on the heads of the schools to inform the selected students about the decision.

The Ministry of Education has announced that it has decided to suspend issuing certificates to more than 4,250 students of Grade 12 for the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, until they finish a summer course and retake the EmSAT tests.

In an official circular, the ministry called on the heads of the schools in Dubai and the Northern Emirates to inform these students about the decision.

The ministry asked the schools to encourage the students to take the summer courses for Math or English, or both, so that they can improve their grades and reach the required level.

The ministry attached a list of all the students and their schools with the circular, and the subject that they have to opt for at the summer course. It added that students who never registered for the courses must take up both subjects by registering before July 14.
The distance learning courses will be provided to students online starting July 19, the ministry said.

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