Ministery of human resource and emiratisation


Article 11

A National Employment Section shall be established in the Department of Labor and shall have jurisdiction to :

a – Find adequate job opportunities for nationals .

b – Assist employers in fulfilling their need of national workers whenever needed .

c – Register unemployed nationals or those searching for better job in a special register . Such registry shall be made upon their request , and the applicant shall receive gratis a certificate of such registration on the date of the submission of the application .

The registration certificate shall have a serial number and shall contain the name , age , place of residence , profession , qualifications and past experiences of the applicant .

Article 13

It shall not be permissible to employ non – nationals in the United Arab Emirates without the prior consent of the Department of Labor and the obtainment of a work permit in pursuance of the procedures and rules stipulated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs .

Such permit shall not be granted unless the following conditions are met :

a – The worker must possess professional competence or academic qualifications needed in the country .

b – That the worker has lawfully entered the country and that he satisfied the conditions prescribed in the residence regulations in force in the state .

Article 15

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs may cancel the work card issued to non – nationals in the following cases :

a – Should the worker remain unemployed for a period exceeding three consecutive months .

b – Should the worker no longer fulfills one or more conditions on whose basis the card is granted .

c – Should it show that a national worker is qualified to replace such worker . In such event , the worker shall remain in his position until the end of the contract term or the work card granted thereto , whichever is earlier .

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