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Coronavirus Sick Leave

The Ministry Of Human Resources And Emiratisation Invites Establishments To Grant Any Worker Who Is Infected With “Coronavirus” A Sick Leave

The Ministry of Human Resources and Resettlement called on the private sector establishments to deal with the cases of workers who are exposed to infection with the new Corona virus as sick cases according to which workers are entitled to sick leave according to the provisions of Federal Law No. 8 of 1980.

According to the law, the employee is entitled to a sick leave for a period of 90 consecutive or intermittent days for each year of his service, after a period of three months of continuous service that follows the trial work period, and the full wage is calculated for the first 15 days of the vacation and half the wage for The next “30” days and the next, that is, “45” days are unpaid.

The Ministry also called on the facilities not to end the service of any of its employees who have been infected with the emerging corona virus.

She emphasized that she will deal with any complaint received by her regarding the termination of service due to infection with the virus in accordance with the established procedures where the complaint that cannot be resolved amicably between its parties will be referred to the judiciary in which it is assigned according to the law to determine whether the termination of service is an arbitrary chapter or not.

In this regard, the Ministry referred to Article 27 of Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 regarding combating communicable diseases, which states that it is prohibited to place any special restrictions or requirements on people with communicable diseases that prevent them from obtaining the rights prescribed to them in the legislation in force in the state, and that Taking into consideration their condition without prejudice to the measures necessary to reduce and prevent communicable diseases. “

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stressed the necessity for private sector establishments to assume their societal and legal responsibilities towards their workers who are exposed to HIV infection, especially as the state provides full and free health care to injured citizens and residents alike.

On the other hand, the Ministry called on private sector establishments to adhere to documenting the permits of their workers and the amendments that occur to work contracts as well as paying workers wages through the wages protection system.

She reaffirmed that establishments’ obligation to pay wages on time and document permits, especially early ones, as well as document contract amendments that include a reduction in the employee’s wages, whether temporarily or permanently by agreement between the parties. Employees installed in the wage protection system, which reflects the employment contracts concluded between the two parties and the annexes attached thereto.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stressed the necessity for establishments that grant any worker with an “early leave” during the period of applying the precautionary measures to prevent the emerging Corn virus to documenting this leave in the supplementary supplementary form of the employment contract which is available on the Ministry’s smart application in the Apple Store and Google stores Play and the website,  as well as documenting agreements to reduce wages permanently or

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