Allow Construction Companies To Establish Housing For Their Workers In The Construction Sites That They Implement

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced that construction companies will be allowed to establish housing for workers at construction sites implemented by companies.


This came in accordance with coordination between the Ministry and the municipalities and the local authorities concerned, with the aim of providing appropriate spaces between workers in housing, cities and labor, thus reducing the risks of mixing between workers as well as ensuring continued performance of construction work and infrastructure in light of not allowing the transfer of labor between the emirates of the state at the present time Among the precautionary measures aimed at ensuring their safety.


The Ministry affirmed the necessity of companies wishing to establish workers housing at construction sites to comply with all regulations and specifications set by the local authorities and take all necessary precautions to take into account the physical divergence between workers using these housing in a way that provides them with protection from exposure to the infection of the Corona virus emerging.


The Ministry indicated that joint periodic campaigns will be implemented to inspect the labor accommodations that are held in construction sites to ensure the availability of occupational health and safety requirements

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