Permanent Placement

Find Amazing Talent

RMC permanent placement staffing services help your company gain access to high-quality candidates more quickly. Our experienced talent recruiters will work closely with you to find the right talent to grow your business

Hire your next best performer

RMC permanent placement staffing services helps you find high expertise candidates rapidly. We work hand in hand with you to find the best hire for your business growth

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Payroll outsourcing

RMC HELPS COMPANIES BOOST PRODUCTIVITY AND REDUCE COSTS WITH OUTSOURCING Place your employees on our payroll and enjoy the services of our payroll team who take care of all human resource We know that the perfect candidate has to possess more than just the hard skills and experience that you require.

RMC assists you in increasing productivity and cutting down cost by outsourcing your payroll. Our payroll team has the best resources to provide you with complete solutions for your Human Resource. Place your employees on our payroll and let us take care of your difficult tasks.

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Executive Search

Our executive search experts have helped many of the most successful organizations build their senior leadership teams. We know it is not enough to simply identify someone with the right experience. Our goal is to deliver great leaders. It’s a goal that has led us to offer a differentiated approach to executive search.Recruiting for leadership requires a thorough understanding of what motivates high achievers. Individuals who rise through the echelons of an organization are usually driven by a set of qualities that dove-tail with their experience and skills. This is the reason that these candidates are not often found in the 15% of people who are looking for employment. We know how to approach high achievers to entice them to broaden their horizons. Headhunting is a term that we don’t like to use because it has a mercenary feel to it. We prefer to use a Paradigm of Growth. High achievers who are interested and motivated by growth in business, are interested in growing their companies. Our goal is to align companies and the individuals who can grow them, and create mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Contract staffing

Taking staffing to the next level. Whether you are searching for an administrative assistant or a sales manager, temporary and permanent staffing is at the core of our business. Our consultants are experts in the local labor market, and work with you to understand your business we use the latest technologies to source talent.We provide the best talent. Tell us who you’re looking for, and we’ll start an immediate

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Total talent acquisition

Recruiting for leadership requires a thorough understanding of what motivates high achievers a dedicated team of researchers, candidate developers and search consultants who commit to your specific project and time frame — no matter what.

We provide talent acquisition throughout all forms of candidate engagement including permanent, contractor and temporary role

Our Totsl Talent Acquisition supports the globalization of recruiting by handling recruitment control, consistency and visibility, stakeholder engagement and hiring experience.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has become increasingly popular as a solution for organizations that do not have, or do not want to maintain full-time resources for internal employee recruiting. The right RPO solution should be flexible, increase productivity, and maximize ROI. By combining the foundations of your HR best practices with the white-glove recruitment expertise of RMC, our RPO solutions result not only in synergies, but in an elevated hiring experience for managers and candidates alike. Our RPO clients achieve the flexibility to allocate their own precious internal resources to other strategic priorities, projects, and initiatives. While the category of RPO services comprises several primary, well-defined solutions, Recruits considers our offerings to be 100% hybrid, as no single solution is out-of-the-box, and the majority of organizations will leverage a combination of service features in order to achieve their goals. Services may be dedicated on-site at your office, virtual, or shared for scalability purposes.

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