About Vikas Sharma

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management


  • A competent professional with more than 20 years of experience in Power Plant Operations, Troubleshooting, Strategic Planning & Training
  • Instrumental in coordinating plant operations for the set-up standards with accountability for strategic utilization & deployment of available resources to achieve organizational objectives
  • Hands-on experience in supervising projects from beginning to end and ensuring that projects are completed within stipulated time
  • Sound knowledge of all legislative and statutory requirements applicable for Thermal and Gas Power Plants
  • Demonstrated abilities in training, supervising & monitoring personnel, assisting in planning & scheduling activities
  • Proficient in managing shift and troubleshooting functions for the plant machineries
  • Adept in creating & sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities & motivates high performance amongst team members

Excellent communicator with strong leadership skills & the ability to build cohesive, productive teams while fostering & encouraging creativity & individual expression



  • 2011 - Present
    Alghanim International

    Shift Charge Engineer

    300 MW Open Cycle Power Plant (Oct’11-Jan’14) As Shift Charge Engineer (Operations) • Prior involvement in looking after operations of o Gas Turbine: 6 x 50 MW, GE LM 6000-PC controlled by NETCON o Gas Compressor: 3 x 40 MMSCF, Valerus make Reciprocating Compressors controlled by PLC Allen Bradley o Vapour Compressor Heat Pump: 2 x 5000 TR, Turbine Air System make controlled by PLC Allen Bradley o Gas Insulated Switchyard: 275 KV oil filled H.T. Cables with 11/275 KV Generator Step Up Transformers At M/s Alghanim International Kuwait- 1300 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (Jan’14- Nov’14) As Shift Charge Engineer (Operations) • Remarkably looked after operations of: o Steam Turbine: 2 x 200 MW, Alstom make Condensing Steam turbine o HRSG: 5 x 50 TPH, Alstom make, Dual Fuel Dual pressure boiler o Gas Insulated Switchyard: 275 KV XLPE H.T. Cables with 19/275 KV Generator Step Up transformers Nov’14 – Till Date: M/s Alghanim International, Kuwait as a Shift Charge Engineer (Operations) Project: 520 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Gas Turbine: 2 x 260 MW, Siemens V94.3A, Dual fuel, controlled by SPPA T 3000 Gas Compressor: 3 x 75000 m3/hr, ATLAS COPCO make Centrifugal Compressors controlled by PLC Allen Bradley DM Plant: 100 m3/cycle, Veolia make controlled by PLC Scada Siemens Gas Insulated Switchyard: 400 KV XLPE H.T. Cables with 22/400 KV Generator Step Up Transformers Key Result Areas: • Shouldering the responsibility analysis, troubleshooting & managing technical problems without affecting plant equipment • Effectively looking after operations of its various equipments • Stellar role in monthly report preparation & circulation • Significant in preparing pre-start up, start-up & shutdown check sheets and various other auxiliary equipment • Active participation & implementation viz. Issuance of Safe Work-Related Permits like Cold, Hot, Confined Space with utmost isolation • Prominent involvement in LFI’s & SOP’s preparations including plant emergency & black out procedures

  • 2006 - 2011
    Reliance Industries Ltd


    At M/s Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar (India) - 450 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (May’06-Oct’11) As Manager (Operations) • Essayed a stellar role in looking after operations of: o Gas : 9 x 30 MW, GE Frame 6 with MARK V Control System o Steam Turbine: 6 x 30 MW, GHH Borsig make, Extraction cum Condensing o HRSG: 110 TPH, BHEL / THERMAX make, Single pressure boiler, Duel fuel fired o Aux Boiler: 9 x 125 TPH, Thermax Make, Dual Fuel Fired Roles: • Immense experience in Commissioning of GE Frame 6 Gas Turbines. • Active involvement in Commissioning of Natural Gas Fuel firing system in Gas Turbines. • Prior Involvement in Commissioning & Pre-Commissioning Activities of STG, HRSG, BFW pumps, PRDS & Deaerators like: o Lube oil Flushing Loops and Procedure Preparation o Chemical Cleaning of BFW pumps, Deaerators & Steam headers

  • 2005 - 2006
    United Phosphorous Ltd


    At M/s United Phosphorous Limited, Ankleshwar (India) - 63 MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant (Jun’05- Apr’06) As Executive (Operations) • Proactively looked after operations of: o Gas Turbine: 42 MW, GE–LM6000-PA, controlled by NETCON 5000 o Steam Turbine: 21 MW, GE make with WOODWARD 505E Digital Governor o HRSG: 50 TPH, DELTAK make, Double pressure boiler o DM Plant: 10 m3/cycle, ECOTEC make controlled by PLC GE FANUC o DG Set: 1 MW, 1250 KVA, CUMMINS make o Vapour Absorption Heat Pump: 2x1150 TR, THERMAX make controlled by PLC Allen Bradley

  • 2005 - 2005
    Nirma Ltd


    At M/s Nirma Limited, Bhavnagar (India) - 39.18 MW Cogeneration Thermal Power Plant (Jan’05 –Jun’05) As Engineer (Operations) o Steam Turbine: 2 x 16.34 MW, TOYO DENKY make, Double Extraction Cum Condensing 1 x 6.5 MW, BHEL make, Single Extraction Cum Back Pressure o Boiler: 3 x 100 TPH, LENTGES, 105 Bar, 5050 C, CFBC boiler 100 TPH, ISGEC JOHN THOMPSON, 105 Bar, 505 oC

  • 2002 - 2004
    Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd

    Mechanical Engineer

    At M/s Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd, Porbandar (India) - 20 MW Cogeneration Thermal Power Plant Sept’02 – Dec’04) As Mechanical Engineer (Operations) o Steam Turbine: 5 MW, Escher Wyse (Zurich), Double Extraction Condensing 2 x 5 MW, Triveni Engg., Single Extraction Back Pressure 5 MW, SKODA Make, Single Extraction Condensing o Boiler: 3 x 40 TPH, WALTHER & CIE, 42 kg/cm2, 455 deg C, Stoker fired. 45 TPH, IJT, 30 kg/cm2, 350 deg C, two drum Spreader Stoker fired 15 TPH, Thermax, 42 kg/cm2, 422 deg C, Two drum Spreader Stoker fired 30 TPH, SKODA Make, 30 kg/cm2, 380 deg C, AFBC 25 TPH, SKODA make, 30 kg/cm2, 416 deg C, AFBC

  • 2001 - 2002
    Tata Chemicals Ltd

    Graduate Engineer Trainee

    Worked as a trainee in Power Plant Operations


Power Plant Operations and Commissioning

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