About Syed Ilyas Mehdi

  • Academic Level Diploma
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Salary 1912
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Finance


  • Monitor major KPIs like Back Order, Stock Month (PSM) to improve stock availability, and maintain healthy Inventory.
  • Responsible to procure SVC Spare parts of CE Products (A/C, Ref, WM, DW, MWO, etc.) and HHP (Hand Handling Products)
  • [SVC Parts demands prediction] Analyze to improve a forecast system in order to predict SVC parts that are needed when repairing a customer’s product and order parts.
  • Establish parts order plans based on the quantity suggested by the system. (S-MRP: Material Requirement Planning)
  • Ensures that all materials needed by the partners (Local and Imported) are available at all times
  • Established Seasonal Pre-forecasting for HA products (AC and Ref) to prevent Backorder by improving stock availability.
  • Prepare & Process purchase orders as needed through ERP System (SAP) ensuring accuracy and completeness well in advance (IRP – Initial Required Part)
  • [SVC Parts supply management] Design to acquire and supply parts required for service within supply lead time. Supply parts by managing backorder discontinued parts, and LTB (Last Buy)
  • [Managing inventory] Plan an appropriate level of inventory by relocating among related Global subsidiaries and discarding unusable / Unhealthy inventor, Improve accuracy of inventory.
  • Close coordination with the Order Processing team to allocate available stock to SVC partners and expedite shipments in order to keep health inventory
  • Arrange for the online/onsite training for the distributors and authorized service agents to improve Forecasting accuracy to have health inventory
  • [Parts collection and recycling management] Collect parts after using a service. Participate in founding and operating a new location in a better way in order to recycle parts.


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