About shaik waseem


  • 2010


    • Certification Course in civil Draftsman ship. • Certification Course in Auto-CAD 2D, 3D from Indu British Academy. • Diploma in Computer application & Multilingual DTP


  • 2018 - Present


    • Acting with smile on the face during working hours • Working according to the daily direction by outlet manager • Obeying company general working and discipline rules and reporting to the manager when encountered any nonconformity • Ensuring that restaurant operation with the right number of materials and products • Monitoring materiel and products and making order at the right time • Controlling kitchen and bar orders, warning managers about orders which are not at the right amount • Receiving the products purchased for using at production of food and beverage in accordance with GOODS ACCEPTANCE PROCEDURE • Placing the products which enter the store in accordance with STORING STANDARDS AND RAW MATERIAL SPECS, • Not taking any product and materials outside the store without recording, not accepting any products to the store which is not documented • Ensuring that materials which enter the store are preserved without breaking and spoiling • Taking necessary measures to prevent materials and products from being lost and stolen, preventing entry of 3rd persons to the storage • Not leaving a store without taking necessary security measures • Preserving the document which have to be found in the storage, warning outlet manger when they are about to expiry and requesting necessary document from central office cost control department • Recording broken or spilled materials in LOSS FORM • Cleaning broken and spilled materials in the store • Working with coordination with hall/kitchen managers and employees while performing his/her duties • Receiving all materials which arrive at the restaurant {such as fixed assets or food} first as storage personnel, • Maintain WEEKLY AND MONTHLY PHYSICAL INVENTORY REPORT in accurate and complete manner and submitted to the procurement manager and accounts department • Recording weekly storage control list in an accurate and complete manner. Performing the tasks at control points. • Is there are any mistaken or EXPIRED product among incoming materials, monitoring their return procedures. Reporting central office purchasing and cost control department about the issue. • As regards consumptions of incoming materials, ensuring that the materials which enter first are consumed first {FIFIO rule}. In case of mistaken or problematic materials, informing central office purchasing and cost control department so that they do not have any problem. • Dispatching transfer between branches with dispatch notes. Informing with e-mail the outlet manager of the branch which receives the transfer, his/her own outlet manager and central office cost control department. • Controlling invoices and dispatch notes in a complete manner. Making sure that products arrive are right number, right size. • All materials and products {including cleaning materials} inside the storage area are debited to store personnel. • As the branch which requested materials, reporting the order to central kitchen store through stock control program MC. • Ending the top white copy of dispatch noted to the central office cost control department in a timely and orderly manner. {The pink copies of the dispatch note will be sent by central kitchen.} • Having signed by kitchen chef and outlet manager the dispatch notes and invoices. • Entering all invoices and dispatch notes requested with e-billing to the stock program.

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