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  • 2015 - Present
    Canara Bank Ltd

    Single Window Operator/Clerk

    . Accounts: Opening, Maintaining and updating Savings A/c, Current A/c , Joint A/c , Pension A/c, BETI A/c & Government Scheme A/c. . Cash: Cash receipt and payment transaction, demand draft & cheque issuing tax & fees payment receiving . Deposits: National Electronic Fund Transfer NEFT, Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), Fixed Deposits, receiving Tax Returns Forms, Public provident fund (PPF) facility providing Fund & salary transfers Clearing cheques . International Transactions: - International Forex Transactions - Letter of Credit . Loans: Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME Loans), Self help group (SHG), Agriculture Loans, Farm Equipment Loans, Pension Loans, Personal loans, Business Loans, Housing Loans Gold Loans, Staff Loans, EMI and ESC facility Providing, Overdraft and Cash Credit Facility, Bank Guarantee Agreements. . Reorganizing live action’s design team and creative process, resulting in a more effective design process, enhancing design quality and greater team engagement. . Other Duties: - Investigating fee charges on behalf of customers. - Investigating fee charges on behalf of customers. - Issuing computer generated receipts and paperwork to customers. - Assisting customers to fill out deposit and withdrawal slips. - Training customers about online facilities services of the bank - Referring customers to appropriate staff for new services. - Immediately reporting any suspicious behaviour to the manager or police. - Comparing totalled amounts with the data displayed on a computer screen. - Comparing the signature of customers to verify authenticity. - Stamping cheque stubs. - Discussing electronic money transfer options with customers. - Educating customers about the banks products. - Checking and verifying amounts of cash handed in by customers for deposit. - Checking the accuracy of deposit slips that have been written out. - Complying with all relevant state and federal regulatory requirements. - Redeeming saving bonds. - Explaining financial fees, interest rates and service charges to customers. - Checking the photo id of customers to confirm that they are who they say they are. - Processing cash withdrawals. - Performing various clerical and administrative duties. - Issuing saving bond application forms to customers. - Handling loan transactions. - Identifying referral opportunities. - Sorting and filing deposit slips. - Selling bonds and travellers cheques to customers. - Counting out cash in front of customers. - Using a variety of counting machines. - balancing each day’s transactions - Verifying cash totals.

  • 2012 - 2014

    Senior Associate/Credit Performer Assistant

    DEPARTMENT HANDLED: . Handling loan transactions (MSME LOANS) . Self Help Group (SHG) . Agriculture Loans . Farm Equipment Loans . Pension Loans . Personal Loans . Business Loans . Housing Loans . Gold Loans . Staff Loans . EMI And ECS Facility Providing . Overdraft And Cash Credit Facility . Bank Guarantee Agreements

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