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  • 2017 - 2020


    Ab fab group ( Taqado, Park house, Nutri Bowl, Burrito beyond border, Maui Poke bar, Earth Kitchen) and Radius Group have merged adding to our portfolio the following brands (Circle Café, the Breakfast Shop, the Chicken Shop and Sushi Counter) – Responsibilities: : Day to day management of 7 outlets in the Dubai location with (+150 staff) Per‐opening stages of 4 outlets Responsible for all the administrative function and training for the corporate and marketing team Implementation and creation of company SOP”s Set up of the “online delivery division” for all brands Direct rapport with the UAE aggregators (review of all concepts offering and menu engineering) Implantation and running of brands via e‐ordering platform of Chatfood ‐ Munch on – Grubtech Stock control, budgeting, COGS and P&L Call center manager roles and duties: (5 staff) Management of the delivery float team (25 staff) and Quick up and One click manager for the estate Report directly to Operation manager of Afab Foods

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