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  • 2015 - 2019
    Bank Med

    Senior personal banker & Insurance

    PERSONAL BANKER RELATION: • Taking care of customer’s needs and requests (understanding customer’s Insurances , financial needs and satisfying these needs through BankMed service) through Brokers, calls visits and indoor meetings… • Thoroughly knowledgeable and able to provide all Bankmed products such as: • Insurance officer • Saving plans • Retirement plans • Housing loans - life & medical Insurance / Prepare legal contracts(Arabic) • Personal loans - life insurance • Car loans • Overdrafts • Cards(credit-debit-prepaid)- life insurance • Opening of account (individual, joint, and companies) • Investments products (BDL CDs …) • Sales (indoors and outdoors) to attract customers to benefit from BankMed services and to widen our data base) • Maintaining Satisfactory and profitable relations with customers and keeping track of services provided to them and meeting new demands . Data Analytics .Corporate Communications

  • 2020 - 2021
    Saudi Arabian insurance company - Kuwait

    Account Manager

    ➢ Full knowledge of Medical insurance (Preparing Requests for Medical Quotations in order to share with Underwriter for assessment). ➢ Follow up & after sales services. ➢ Managing all the claims related to the key accounts such Credit/Debit notes. ➢ Negotiating and dealing with Brokers on a day to day basis to reach a common ground in terms of benefits, premiums and getting new business. ➢ Receiving and scanning medical claims documents for reimbursement before submitting to Customer Service. ➢ Managing pending or delayed pre-approval requests with the providers. ➢ Follow up on Key accounts (Payments - After service - Renewals - Members deletions & Additions on pro-rata basis) ➢ Meeting and collaborating with the key accounts providers to provide best service to our clients. ➢ Preparing and sending all the documents to legal & compliance in order to issue the Medical Policy.

  • 2011 - 2015
    Bank of Beirut

    Personal banker & Customer service

    ➢ Managing customers’ financial needs and Requests & After sales service. ➢ Submitting Credit Cards and Loans to head office (Personal - Car - Housing - Consumer) ➢ Overdraft for Individuals & Companies. ➢ Opening of New Accounts (Individual - Joint – Corporate) ➢ Investment Products (Deposits – Preferred shares...)

  • 2010 - 2011
    Standard chartered bank- beirut

    Product specialist

    Direct Financial Services Department • Interacting directly with customers to promote the usage of the bank’s products, including credit cards, personal loans and housing loans • Reached the specified sales target during my period of work

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