• Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development



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Dear Hiring Manager,


I am thrilled to be able to apply for the open Systems Engineer position that you currently have at Innovation Technologies. I am able to bring an extreme focus on my work and a keen and incisive analytical intelligence to the job. I am simply fascinated by the way in which computer systems and hardware  networks  function, and I never tire of learning more about them. Motivated by this passionate interest, I believe that I can be a valuable addition to your team as I will not tire until I find the cleanest and most efficient solution to whatever problem is put before me.


I have extensive experience designing, implementing and overseeing all aspects of computer systems —configuring routers, installing additional devices, Repaire Computers and laptops  designing encryption systems, mobile Repairs and operating system windows and mac installtion and maintance  collaborating with Systems Analysts to find and analyze data that might point to possible weaknesses in a network, monitoring and improving system performance and so on.


While working as a Systems Engineer at Centurion IT Consulting, I was required to exercise my curiosity and creativity to the maximum to discover why it was that business clients’ private networks had been breached and to propose improvements to the design of those networks so as to minimize the possibility of future breaches. I found challenging analytical work like this, which required me to inventively collaborate with a broad range of different IT specialists, highly rewarding.


I am earnestly grateful to you for your time and consideration. I look forward to learning more about precisely what needs Innovation Technologies has that I might be able to fulfill for you as a Systems Engineer and a trusted member of your team. As we move ahead through the hiring process, I will be excited to share and demonstrate my expertise to you and be of service.




Ramki Kalyanasundaram



  • 2013 - 2015
    R.K.S System PVT LTD,

    Company Name : R.K.S System PVT LTD, India Designation : SYSTEM ADMIN

     Responsible For The Maintenance, Configuration, And Reliable Operation Of Computer Systems, Network Servers, And Virtualization  Install And Upgrade Computer Components And Software, Manage Virtual Servers, And Integrate Automation Processes  Troubleshoot Hardware And Software Errors By Running Diagnostics, Documenting Problems And Resolutions, Prioritizing Problems, And Assessing Impact Of Issues  Provide Documentation And Technical Specifications To IT Staff For Planning And Implementing New Or Upgrades Of IT Infrastructure  Lead Desktop And Helpdesk Support Efforts, Making Sure All Desktop Applications, Workstations, And Related Equipment Problems Are Resolved In A Timely Manner With Limited Disruptions  Responsible For Capacity, Storage Planning, And Database Performance  Manage assembling and configuration of network components and related services.  Perform system maintain to ensure systems and related components integrity.  Develop and manage organization’s intranet site.  Perform site surveys and document site network’s configuration and user requirement.  Design technical packages for site installation and engineering plans and install hardware schedules.  Perform configuration and installation of software and hardware product used by internal clients.  Provide support to network printers, software and hardware and provide adequate training to internal clients to operate various systems and printers.  Coordinate with departments and provide consultative services to regional offices of organization.  Evaluate and load all computers with software packages such as operating systems, word processing, or spreadsheet programs.  Manage and ensure all computer systems and network components work systematically and efficiently.  Maintain computers at conference or seminar locations and conduct various meetings and conventions.  Install specific interconnection cables and provide training to site staff to use hardware properly.

  • 2015 - 2017
    Chern Sern Property Services PTE Ltd


     To Support Daily Technical Support Activities For Desktop, Data, And Server Management  To Set Up And Test Desktop Computer Peripherals  To Perform The System Changes Adhered To Organizational Policies  Conduct Remote Desktop Troubleshoot To End-Users Along With Documentation Ticket Maintenance  Maintain Technical documentation in association with other functional departments  Manage All Client & Remote Desktop  LAN,WAN IP assigning With Using DHCP, Static Configure  Resource Allocation Os Installation (Windows,win7,8.1,10 Mac (Apple) Server 2003,2008,2012)  Controlling Client ,Hardware system Fault, Repair ,Motherboard level, System level )  Perform desktop, printer configure and Troubleshooting  File Sharing ,mapping ,Remote Workstation ,Policy & Permission  Install and configure software and hardware  Manage network servers and technology tools  Set up accounts and workstations connecting Allocate Timing to Access File Define  Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements  Troubleshoot issues and outages  Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls  Upgrade systems with new releases and models  Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies  Build an internal wiki with technical documentation, manuals and IT policies  Maintain installed PCs, networks, telephone systems and peripherals with routine maintenance  Identify, log and resolve technical problems with software applications or network systems  Identify potential changes and system improvements to present to senior team leaders for consideration and implementation  Ensure that work is carried out within agreed service levels and in accordance with department guidelines  Create, maintain, and distribute reports of progress to senior leadership  Explain and document technical issues in a clear way to clients  Use call logging system to accurately record telephone requests

  • 2018 - 2021


     Address user tickets regarding hardware, software and networking  Walk customers through installing applications and computer peripherals  Ask targeted questions to diagnose problems  Guide users with simple, step-by-step instructions  Conduct remote troubleshooting  Test alternative pathways until you resolve  Responding to client support requests.  Contacting clients to find out the nature of the problem  Traveling to the client’s location or connecting via remote link.  Troubleshooting hardware and software issues.  Installing and maintaining hardware and computer peripherals.  Troubleshooting networking and connection issues.  Advising on software or hardware upgrades  Configure antivirus software to fully protect IT environment.  Monitor the performance of the computer systems and address issues as they arise.  Provide technical support for software reconfigurations to aid in function customization.  Test software performance throughout the desktop network to ensure peak performance.  Install computer hardware and software on desktops to keep versions current  Initiate and complete Microsoft Windows server operating system updates.

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