About Rakesh Raveendran

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Salary 3868
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development


A Business Intelligence professional strongly oriented to and skilled in identifying, analyzing, developing, projecting, implementing, and managing complex software and digital experience to drive Business strategies particularly in Data & Analytics, ERP and in house application development projects. Highly motivated with great passion to work with data, known to have provided employers with valuable and actionable insight that drove profit growth.

• Identified the crucial falls that impact the production efficiency through the visualization of 4Ms of Production, & also performed a trend analysis and implemented strategies that increased overall efficiency on average of 10%.
• Created a report visualization of material tracking which showed on-time availability of materials required for production that helped the planning, as well as the production team, minimize production loss.
• Manage multiple project execution and delivered the respectful results on-time.
• Streamlined processes which reduced organizational operating costs by 5% within 6 months.
• Worked with WFX Team to onboard first buyer – Adidas within 40 days.
• Developed a live tracker report on clinic visits in factories and the reason for sickness helped the management identify the sick pattern which was fruitful especially during the COVID Time to make quick decisions to control the situation and Business decisions.



  • 2018 - 2021
    Classic Fashion Apparel Industry

    Business Intelligence System Analyst

    Project – BI Implementation Key Reports Developed: Sales Overview, Material Procurement Dashboard, Material Flow Chart, Daily / Hourly Production Monitor, Production What-If Analysis Report, Factory Efficiency Report, Skill Matrix, Employee Analytics, Daily Attendance Monitor, Payroll Checkpoints, Marketing Research Analysis, Brand Management Metrics, EHS – Employee Health & Safety Dashboard. Apps Developed: Safety System; app to input daily tickets for safety team to complete task on time. Skill-Matrix; app to input skill cards of employee to monitor performance. COPT App – Critical Operation Training Monitoring Application. • Extracted data from wide-ranging data sources (Internal & External), including ERP (MS SQL & Oracle), SharePoint Lists, Customized Apps & Excel and drafted strategic business intelligence roadmap, completed data governance policies and tactical information safeguards. • Transformed and clean the data and organized into a proper structure for further analysis and visualization. • Identified trends from analyzing large data sets and helped the management solve problems with the right insights from the data which then helped organization and stakeholders adapt to data driven business environment. • Applied knowledge of data modeling and statistical analysis to build predictive models, analytics and Storytelling Visualizations, researched and compiled tailored monthly analytics reports and Dashboards for all senior management with Power BI. • Integrated BI assets into ERP tasks, improving service personnel's available intelligence, developed intelligence-sharing dashboards and visualizations, providing company-wide access to collected data. • Coordinated development and maintenance of core applications of information system supporting apparel manufacturing processes. Project – System Implementation (WFX Cloud ERP & Trendz Business Suite) ERP Modules: Catalog, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Business Intelligence (SSRS), Logistics, Admin and sales module automation, and production automation. • Defined scope of project Implementation, performed root cause analysis to diagnose existing system faults, planned and designed system improvements to meet changing demands, Implemented long-term growth initiatives with development of KPIs and Efficiency Improvement strategies. • Drove development and implementation of digital experiences and capabilities across channels and markets to drive consumer engagement, conversion, and lifetime value. • Leveraged analytics to gain insights and identify digital business opportunities with assessment of new trends, consumer needs, and market opportunities, ultimately determining which products aligned with overall digital strategy and made sense to pursue. • Researched competitive landscape and technology advancements to identify white space, emerging trends, and innovation opportunities to collaborate with business teams in building business strategy roadmaps. • Created SRS & BRDs, built a library of models and reusable knowledge-based assets that produced consistent and streamlined business intelligence results, analyzed key aspects of business to evaluate factors driving results and summarized conclusions, and advised management. • Delivered in-depth ERP training, engaging with users and coaching, imparting knowledge of best practices for protecting data and minimizing errors, built models, and analyzed financials in support of strategic priorities.


Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

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