About Muhamamd Anosh Tipu

  • Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management


  • 2001
    UET Taxila punjab pakistan

    BSc Mechanical Engineering

    I have completed engineering degree from UET Taxila in Mechanical discipline and secured 1st class in the four years degree.


  • 2019 - Present

    Deputy Manager Operations

    Haveli Bahadur Shah CCPP consisting 02 gas turbines, [GE 9HA.01] with 41% open cycle efficiency, Control system: Speedtronic Mark-VI-e, each having 380.200MW capacity @25°C on fuel gas, two triple pressure HRSG (HP, IP, and LP), one Steam turbine (GE/Alstom) Triple-pressure, reheat, three-cylinder, side exhaust having 414.936 MW capacity), Control system: S6 Alspa and BOP control system: Ovation 3.5 and associated auxiliaries. 4 Achieved and surpassed QHSE Objectives & KPI’s and related planning and bottom-line results, devised operational strategies to achieve maximum plant efficiency to meet customer need with optimum safe, and economical environment. 4 Ensured strict compliance of QHSE Management System requirements and applicable legal & other client’s requirements in plant operations. Devised Lock-Out/Tag Out (LOTO) System in line with the Contractor’s policies and procedures. 4 Exercised hands-on approach to establish and maintain sampling programs to ensure that the chemistry specifications for site equipment and systems as maintained for the required operating, shutdown, or lay-up condition. 4 Defined SOPs for major systems using Facility designer’s operation manuals and equipment Vendors\' instructions, guided facility modification and upgrades to the customer to enhance plant reliability and thermal performance.

  • 2013 - 2019
    Engie (Uch power company Limited)

    Assistant Manager Operations

    Uch-II Power plant consists of 02 gas turbines, [GE Frame PG 9171E], Control system: Speedtronic Mark-VI-e, each having 128.180MW capacity, two triple pressure (HP, IP, and integral Deaerator with LP drum) HRSG, one Steam turbine (Fuji Electric having 133.06MW capacity), Honeywell DCS and associated auxiliaries. 4 Increased plant operating strategies with the aim of achieving lower cost operation and/or increased efficiency and output; manage training and qualification of operations team as per requirements of reliable and smooth plant operation. 4 Prepared, monitored, and reported budgets, also ensured the site maintenance of adequate supply of suitable fuels and other consumable materials in sufficient quantities to ensure continuous operations. 4 Strictly adhered with the Contractual agreements in force including PPA, GSA, O&M & LTSA with regard to operations.

  • 2011 - 2013
    QEWC Qatar

    Shift Engineer

    Served in RAF-B Generation Island consisting 03 Gas Turbine units of GE-9FA, 216.2MW at 50°C with control System ‘Speed-tronic Mark-VI’ and associated WHRB [NOOIER/ERIKSEN-560 Tph, 27 bar drum pressure & 240°C temp.] 08 Gas Turbine units of ABB/ Alstom [ABB 13E2-164.3 MW] / [Alstom 13E2-161MW] with control System Eagatrol-P/ ADVENT Power- Control and associated WHRB [ABB-329 Tph, 15 bar drum pressure &200°C temp.] 4 Performed duties as a strategic overlay to supervise the Plant during shift hours for safe, ensure efficient and smooth operation taking care of load demand, and provide OEM recommendations as per local procedures / instructions. 4 Supervised, directed and instructed the operators for normal start up, shut down and emergency shutdowns of Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, HRSGs and other major equipment keeping in view the system operating procedures. 4 Maintained parameters in log sheets, analyse plant-operating parameters, identified abnormal parameters, and predict potential faults and report / propose the remedial actions and Raise Defect cards in Maintenance management software. 4 Ensured stack emissions and liquid effluent from the plant remains within the environmental limits set by NEQS.

  • 2008 - 2011
    KAPCO Pakistan

    Shift Operation Engineer

    Block-II: 04Frame 9E Gas turbines (Model: MS9001E, Make: ALSTHOM France, Control system: Speed tronic Mark-IV) each with rated capacity of 94.65 MW on FO at 15°C, two single cylinder steam turbines Model: VEGA 209 110B, Make: RATEU France, with rated capacity of 103.4 MW. Block-III: 02 M/S Siemens (Germany) Gas turbines V94.2 each with rated capacity of 143.8MW on gas at 15°C, one Siemens steam turbine with rated capacity of 148.6 MW. 4 Directed operations activities at the asset to deliver optimum reliability, availability and flexibility of business targets whilst complying with statutory, regulatory, and Company policies, guidelines and standards, and industry best practice. 4 Spearheaded isolation/normalization activities of system and equipment according to safety rules. Performed switching as safety controller for all plant including LV/MV and HV 132KV & 220KV Switchyard for isolations and normalizations. 4 Dealt with NPCC (national power control center) and gas supplier Company during Start up, shut down and any abnormal conditions to ensure consistent and reliable operation of power plant as per PPA and GSA. 4 As incident controller dealt with all emergencies, generated reports and statistics of plant operation for Management review and information. Ensured safety for plant, staff, and environment also maintain standards of housekeeping. 4 Ensure safety for plant, people and environment, also to maintain good standards of housekeeping. 4 Led scheduled/emergency equipment changeovers. Arrange outages for preventive maintenance activities power plant 4 Raised Job Cards for faulty equipment, led staff for safe isolation of such equipment for the purpose of maintenance; developed necessary procedures and suggest plant modifications to enhance reliability and availability of the Complex.

  • 2003 - 2008

    Senior Engineer operations

    CHASNUPP is a 325MW thermal power plant (325MW Westinghouse Steam turbine one HP and two LP cylinders with MSR (Moisture separator and reheater). 4 Led Electrical operations, Steam Turbine Operations and Reactor operations and supervised local area plant operators.  Commissioning Experience 4 Integral part of erection and commissioning of Uch-II Expansion Project (404 MW CCPP)., led all erection and commissioning phase also engaged in meetings with EPC contractor to solve the pending issues and punch list items. 4 Directed technical teams during Pre-Commissioning and commissioning phase to ensure their active participation in operations in the ongoing activities, also monitored of works carried out by EPC to ensure safety at work. 4 Led Operations team to identify punch list items for abnormalities on the basis of P&ID, quality concerns, access issues and safety grounds, also prepared SOPs between Uch Power and National transmission and dispatch Company. 4 Supervised the team to prepare plant items operating procedures, system operating procedures and systems manuals.

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