• Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Female
  • Industry Development


Accredited as a High-Performance Sales Excellence and Supply Chain & Global Logistics Management Expert, I am a highly
merited visionary capitalizing a splendid career abridgement of 14 years across formulation of policies or procedures for logistics
and supply chain activities as well as spearheading logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services by liaising and
negotiating with the shipping lines, vendors, and distributors for functioning Export 7 Import for various far east countries.
As a proven rational Specialist, my discern skills are devoted towards organization of warehouse, catalog goods, plan routes and
process shipments followed by resolving of any arising problems or complaints for meeting cost, productivity, accuracy and
timeliness targets. My thorough expertise in Sales Management structures the successful approach towards revenue achievement,
yearly growth, target setting, for Shareholders/Distributors/Business partners (sell-out), and forecasting & pipeline management.
Acknowledged for judicious participation in Product Management, I possess praiseworthy prowess in deciding product line up for
the markets handled by product category, inventory planning, product launches, forecasting demand, competitor analysis, price
positioning and strategy, product profitability, ageing of inventory management, and various system requirements management.
My outstanding global knowledge in Import/Export, Order Processing, B2B Sales, Product Pricing, Product Mix, and Revenue &
Margin Management resulted in the verified success of Business & Revenue Growth through the progression in markets handled in
South Africa, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Pakistan, India, and Hongkong.
My appreciable people-centric approach showcases my zealous positivity to work with people with varied cultural backgrounds and
able to prioritize and complete multiple tasks in a fast paced, dynamic environment.
Feel free to drop a line at: [email protected]
 Business Development & Growth
 Sales Management
 Logistics Management
 Product Management
 Supply Chain Management
 Inventory Management
 Pipeline Management
 Customer Management
 Revenue & Margin
 Demand Planning
 System Requirements Handling
 Team Leadership
 Windows 11/Millennium/Xp/2019
 ERP Orion, Oracle Discoverer 10.0
 Lotus Notes, Outlook Express
 MS Office 365 (Proficient in Word, Excel and Power Point), Internet, Adobe Photoshop, and Web- designing.



  • 2016 - 2019
    Pioneer Gulf FZE

    Assistant Manager Supply Chain & Logistics

    At Pioneer Gulf FZE, my role was completely focused on spearheading short & long-term plans concerning supply chain management & improvement of value relating to annual expenditures. Also, major deliverable included development of sales and operations planning processes for distribution network and overseeing of cash intake and deposit records, increasing accuracy and reducing discrepancies. I maximized growth through sales goal achievement, customer service improvements and effective team performance and through monitoring of S&OP process like demand planning, purchasing and logistics. As Assistant Manager – Supply Chain & Logistics, I was responsible for congregating demand and supply requirements and safeguarded inventory integrity targets for finished goods by engaging with internal teams and delivering sourcing and influence electronic mediated environments. I supervised managing procurement, warehouse management, logistics management, import & exporting and other supply chain functions to facilitate business operations & creation of global economics and marketing to execute pricing strategies & channels. In addition, I superintended employee performance; increased efficiency, cost and benefit by utilizing logistics systems and outsourced transportation as well as participated in maintenance and establishment of KPIs for individuals and tracking of bottlenecks which caused delays in productivity. Career Highlights:  Increased sales revenues by 20% (YoY) by supporting the sales team.  Reduced 6% of operating costs by optimizing supply chain infrastructure by assessing and initiating targeted changes.  Drove 100% improvement in corporate growth by developing key metrics and applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies.  Removed bottlenecks to save over $2 Million plus in delivery of supply cargo.  Achieved 10% inventory reduction by developing and implementing optimization methodologies for accounting processes.

  • 2010 - 2019
    Pioneer Gulf FZE

    Assistant Manager Sales

    My responsibilities as Assistant Manager – Sales & Demand Planning includes delivery of training to new associates concerning sales and performance strategies and providing of education on market trends and staying upgraded on forecasts and Electronics Industry news. I maximized sales and increased profitability by evaluating Car Audio Sales requirements and recommending best- fit company offerings to customers. Marketed and sold full range of Car Audio including Front panels, Speakers, Sub-woofers and Home Audio and DJ Products. Also, I oversaw efficient RFP database and responses and provided knowledge to prospects and customers concerning electronics products, which included services and Car Audio products. I evaluated costs against expected market price points and executed up-selling strategies in attainment of sales profit targets. Additionally, I achieved sales goals by discussing business opportunities and strategies and monitored customer buying trends, market conditions and competitor actions. Career Highlights:  Increased sales by 30% YoY and by 10% over a year by offering consultation on products and services & applying customer service and up-selling techniques.  Closed over $600K in sales each Month, including preparing contracts and processing order forms.  Generated 6% increase in client numbers and $1.2Million in new Car Audio sales through pricing and integration strategies.  Built strong client relationships and provided high value-adding services, resulting in 10% company market share increase.  Drove team revenue totals by bringing in over $2.5 Million in sales.  Closed over $200K in sales each month, including preparing contracts and processing order forms.  Sold over $20Million worth of Pioneer Car Stereo, increasing department revenue and exceeding sales goals.  Attended long conference calls and CCS meetings for long distance customers to fix product, pricing and technical issues to increase sales of every month.

  • 2006 - 2010
    Pioneer Gulf FZE

    Sales Associate/ Sales Coordinator

    Growth Path: Sales Associate | Mar ‘08 – Mar ‘10 Sales Coordinator| Mar ‘06 – Mar ‘10 Career Highlights:  Produced contracts, reports, letters and proposal for clients over $10Million on average.  Drove team revenue totals by bringing in over $1.5 Million in sales.  Closed over $100K in sales each month, including preparing contracts and processing order forms.


Microsoft Office Suite 365
Business Development
Logistics Management
Market trend and Analysis
Consumer Electronics
Demand Planning

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