About Amin Elimam

  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Age 28 - 32 Years
  • Salary 3495
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Development



  • 2015 - 2021
    National Upstream Solutions Co Ltd

    Drilling and Service Rig Engineer

    Responsibilities:  Work closely and assist both Rig Supervisor and Rig Manager on every aspect during operations as a technical advisor.  Supervise and perform all jobs relevant to Drilling, completion and stimulation operations.  Well control.  Responsible of all drilling crew, chief electricians, mechanics and technicians.  Drilling and Service Rig Commissioning.  Accept handover of well platforms/order construction for repairs if needed.  Supervise Rig Move operations, lifting and HSE procedures.  Spud in, R/U or R/D drilling and service rigs (2000HP to 350HP).  Monitor SICP & SITP, relief wells through operating wing lines and choke.  Bullhead with High Pressure Pumps if needed.  Install Blow Out Preventers Stack, Pack off Head and RCD, F/T and P/T.  Perform Accumulator Drawdown test and check/refill nitrogen bottles. Koomey and bottles maintenance (bladders)  Execute well programs as designed by Client on a professional and safe manner.  Tally and NDT of all tubulars and tools before RIH.  Mix and weight drilling fluids. Calculate required ROP, SPM, circulation rate, ROR, mud type & density, Maximum allowable pumping pressure.  Inspect/NDT, receive/reject and Tally all tubulars & third-party equipment.  Space out and set/unset downhole tools such as Packers, DCR, DBP, RBP, Tubing anchors and NTT.  Install Artificial lift downhole tools and surface equipment for PCP, ESP, BPU and Gas Lift.  Start/test wells, Natural flow/Artificial lift to calculate W/C, GOR, PI and BPD.  Well testing, record GOR, W/C, PI, flow rate, tubing and casing head pressures.  Use gas separators and poor-boy degassers as needed.  Swab test and jet pumping.  Casing integrity test, accordingly casing patch (inner/outer).  Sand treatment, acidize, sand screen, water washup and sand bailor as needed.  Install well head, x-mass tree flowline and surface eqp.  overbalanced, underbalanced and managed pressure (CBHP, PMCD & DG) drilling.  Overhaul of mud pumps.  Responsible of all drilling crew, chief electricians and mechanics and technicians.  Responsible for the site’s spare parts warehouse and diesel stock.  Prepare and document daily Operations and Maintenance Reports.  Collect all equipment name plates, specifications and manuals.  Issue out-source service requisitions, ordering and accepting spare parts.  Diagnosing equipment breakdowns and failures, set maintenance and repair plans, supervise it and finally prepare Failure and Repair Reports.  Working out proposals for rig equipment upgrading and modification and apply best practices to profitably deliver improved services to clients.  Supervise and cooperate with third party inspection and service companies to achieve desired results.  Scheduling and applying Corrective, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance of all Drilling Equipment and Engines (Including: CAT, VOLVO, XCMG, Cummins, TOYOTA and Mitsubishi, etc.).  Ensure all work is done in compliance with safety and standard procedures. Projects: Oil Drilling and Service Rigs, Oil Field Base Camp.

  • 2014 - 2015
    SHFRA Multi Activities Co. Ltd

    Technical Marketing and Sales Engineer

    Responsibilities:  Work closely with teams across the company to research market opportunities and challenges.  Gather and prioritize product and customer requirements.  Develop strategic product plans and drive appropriate development, sales and marketing activities.  Schedule meetings with existing and potential customers to educate them both technically and financially about products.  Hunt and apply for new tenders.  supervise Pilots and trials of products.  Responsible of Warranties and claims.  Issue and revise contracts and invoices. Projects: Petroleum equipment, Mining equipment, water treatment, Fertilizers, Animal wealth, Fluid tanks, etc.


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